Express Yourself with Handcrafted Art

Express Yourself with Handcrafted Art

Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Pictures

I still plan to post at least 15 to 20 more pictures so that you can see what I make and the types of items I sell.

 This piece I am very fond of.  I did it for the Napkin Challenge in one of the Stampers' Sampler issues.  It was not published then.  I did however appear in in the Aug / Sept 2010 issue on the preview for the next issue page. It was featured in the Oct / Nov 2010 issue, although they gave credit to a friend of mind who also had a submission, they did correct it in the Dec 2010 / Jan 2011 issue.  They also gave credit to the wrong company for the stamps I used.  Everyone should know that these stamps are from Stampin Up's "In The Wild" set.  It is a decorated cigar box with decorated stationary, cards, memo pads, envelopes and a pen. Tip: When using a napkin to decorate a dark item, first layer it onto white text weight paper.  This will allow the images on the napkin to show much better. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More of My Artwork

Well I guess I did not make the daily postings for two weeks, life happened.  So I am back to post more of my work.

 This is The Little Fatbook. It is made from index cards sewn together to create signatures.  The signatures are then weaved to make the spine of the book.  Beads and embellishments are added for decoration.  I take no credit for the concept, I saw one and thought I could make it also.

I really loved doing this Nite Light.  I used a printed fabric, fiber and beaded trim.  This was attached to an adhesive nite light form.  You want to make sure everything sticks by using fabric glue.

This is a Valentine's Day card I made several years ago that was (and may still be) posted on Hero Arts website back in 2009.  The card was very simple.  I used heart stamps on black cardstock and embossed them. I then used markers to color the hearts in.